Brandcast offers Digital signage solutions

This option in marketing is an opportunity to reach and engage consumers in retail outlets countrywide.
Digital screens entices customers to purchase the brands in-store creating appeal and further brand awareness thus increasing sales of the brand. It educates shoppers on the products and on a wall mounted LCD screen, it also encourages customers to interact with the brand through touchscreen.
Consumers for the most part enjoy watching ad-supported media while grocery shopping and their buying decisions are often influenced by such messages. According to the Nielsen Media Research study, 68% of those surveyed said in-store messages would sway their product purchasing decisions. Another 44% said they would swap a product they had intended to buy for one advertised on digital screens.

Specialising in Point of Purchase and Digital Retail Trade Marketing Solutions


2D / 3D master brand architectures for touch point in-store applications, design display solutions for each planned category project and translate the communication & artwork into effective in-store messaging for each project.


Conversion of design to detailed engineering drawings, to enable highly accurate costing. Collaborative Value Engineering with suppliers to reach best cost whilst maintaining structural integrity and quality of finish and building and validation of working prototypes.


Facilitate & validate all Project Briefs, Manage scope, timings & deliverables from design through to production. Anticipate and proactively define solutions at all points of the critical path. Our supply chain is second to none, enabling us to manufacture or source high quality retail media solutions to perfectly fit any retail environment.

From initial orders to warehousing, pick & pack, delivery, tracking, clean up and the daily management, at Brandcast, we take responsibility for all our installations and we’re accountable for their status at all times.

It’s a complete cycle, start to finish. We have our own dedicated installation teams that work for excellence in your retail installation, the retail experience to provide win-win solutions for your brand and your retail environment, the control and tracking systems to report back to you in real-time about all our projects, a dedicated call center for planning, the technical know-how, and the love for detail. That’s why we’re proud to offer warehousing and delivery of in-store fixtures.

It’s a unique benefit that Brandcast’s clients enjoy, and it’s an important edge in an increasingly complex industry.
Our just-in-time delivery process helps ensure your order is where it should be, when it’s needed. And our reporting system tracks when and where your unit was delivered, who signed for it, and even exactly where it’s located in the store.

Additional benefits include a single point of contact for all manufacturers and vendors, the ability to adjust to changes on-the-fly, and fast follow-up capabilities.

The result is a dramatic reduction in missing or damaged units. And substantial support for your bottom line.